Introducing VEKAdeck PRO, the industry-leading PVC deckboard that offers a no maintenance solution to your outdoor living!

VEKAdeck™ PRO provides a high return on your investment. Performance characteristics such as long life, high durability and extremely low maintenance are key to getting the most out of your outdoor living space. VEKAdeck™ PRO is environmentally friendly, and is ideal for residential and commercial deck or dock applications.

Vekadeck Pro Vekadeck Pro

Most decks are extensions of the home, where we love to grill and entertain. Don’t cry over spilled milk – or grease, bar-b-que sauce, or even dark drinks! VEKAdeck™ Pro contains no wood fillers, so it won’t absorb spills and stain like other deck products. A simple wash and wipe with common non-abrasive household cleaner is generally all that is needed.

  1. No Cellulosic Materials
    VEKAdeck™ PRO does not contain organic or cellulosic ingredients which may allow mold growth or degradation.

  2. Limited Lifetime Warranty
    VEKAdeck™ PRO is guaranteed not to rot, chip, peel, blister or corrode.

  3. Environmentally Friendly
    PVC is recyclable and saves our precious forest resources. Because VEKAdeck™ PRO is UV and water resistant, chemical treatments are not necessary.

  4. Slip Resistant
    Attractive, embossed woodgrain, anti-skid surface makes VEKAdeck™ PRO slip resistant, wet or dry.

  5. Low Maintenance
    VEKAdeck™ PRO never needs painting, staining or sealing and can be cleaned with most common household products.

  6. Easy to Work
    VEKAdeck™ PRO works as easily as wood using standard hand and power tools.

  7. Water Resistant
    PVC will not absorb moisture making VEKAdeck™ PRO ideal for high humidity or marine applications.

  8. Color Retention
    100% PVC along with UV and color stabilizers, ensure that VEKAdeck™ PRO is fade resistant under normal weather conditions*.

  9. Fascia Board
    VEKAdeck™ PRO Fascia Board is made of the same high quality PVC and is available in 5 1/2″ and 12″ widths.

Wooden Deck splintered with screw

VEKAdeck™ Pro, unlike composites, can be safely screwed without pre-drilling. It will not crack, split, or mushroom.

Wooden deck with visible latch

A wide array of hidden fasteners may be used to achieve an architecturally flawless view of your new deck surface.

Vinyl Deck with water spill and can

Our 100% vinyl compound is resistant to ultraviolet, chlorine, salt spray and humidity, this makes VEKAdeck™ Pro an ideal material for swimming pool decks, docks, piers and other marine applications.

6 colors of vinyl VEKA decking available

Customize your deck with our color options!
VEKAdeck PRO is available in 6 distinct complementary colors:

Ryan Deck

Create your own unique design!
The Vinyl Answer has assembled a complete package of trim and accessories to make your dream deck a reality. Ask your professional contractor about other accessories and items not shown here.