1. Vinylstyles

    Customize your home and yard with a variety of options for Vinyl fencing, vinyl railing and vinyl decking.

  2. Aluminumstyles

    Choose between multiple styles with numerous accessories for both aluminum fencing and aluminum railings.

The Vinyl Answer is a regional company founded by people with a contracting background. We fabricate vinyl fencing, railing, decking and garden products for professional installation companies. We also distribute a line of aluminum fencing and railing.

The Vinyl Answer provides very high quality products that professional installers demand. The Pros know that inferior products cost more in the long run – they take more time to install, they result in more callbacks, and most often they don’t maintain their appearance over time.

Since The Vinyl Answer actually fabricates products from raw materials, we can choose vinyl from many different suppliers, giving the homeowner a unique blend of “the best of the best”!

  1. Fencing

  2. Railing

  3. Decking

Vinyl Fencing for McDonald's

Whether you need to fence in your kids and dog, or keep the wind from blowing over your drink at the local hamburger joint, The Vinyl Answer can fabricate a fence that specifically matches your needs.

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Vinyl Railing

The Vinyl Answer can fabricate more than just code compliant railing – we can dress up your whole house with decorative trim rails on top of roofs, and high quality lattice underneath the porch.

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custom decking with grille

The Vinyl Answer has the low maintenance decking to match your high power lifestyle! Don’t cry over spilt wine or ketchup – just wipe it clean with a damp rag.

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