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Since we fabricate your railing, you are only limited by your imagination! You can combine colors, styles, and materials that will make your railing uniquely yours!


Aluminum Railing

Aluminum railing — the perfect complement to vinyl decking, especially where darker colors are desired.

Aluminum Railing is a perfect complement to vinyl decking, especially where darker colors are desired. Our aluminum railings have captured the beautiful details of hand crafted wrought iron railings, but unlike their wrought iron counterpart, they will never need scraping or painting. Unlike many other aluminum railings on the market, ours have been designed with a full length PVC insert in both the top and bottom rails, allowing a faster “screwless” assembly to create a tight, quiet fit.

Aluminum Picket Options


Somerset (Square)


Trenton (Alternate
Square & Twisted)


Dayton (Decorative)

Traditional Railing

Traditional Railing

(2″ x 3-1/2″ Top Rail)
Shown here with Dekorator™
Basket Pickets

Aluminum Picket Options

Aluminum Picket Options

  • Straight
  • Collar
  • Single Basket
  • Colonial

Call for color availability.

Vinyl Picket Options

Vinyl Picket Options

  • Square
  • Baluster
  • Twist
  • Belly Baluster
Railing Brackets and Accessories

Create your own unique design!
The Vinyl Answer offers a full array of brackets and accessories to allow your contractor to create a unique design to match any home. All covered under a Lifetime Warranty against failure of either the materials used or the manufacturing process*

*This warranty does not include slight changes in coloration due to the natural aging process. It also does not include any failure due to misuse, abuse, or acts of God.

Your Safety is Our Concern

Our railing has been tested against the most stringent code written to date and tested under AC-174 requirements of the ICC. While other railings may pass the less stringent residential single family code (IRC), many of our systems pass commercial code (IBC).*

Why? Because at the Vinyl Answer, we believe your family should be as safe at home as they are at a 5 star high rise hotel.

*When installed according to manufacturer’s specifications