Types of Fencing


Series 100 Aluminum Fence

Series 100

Available in multiple styles with numerous accessories, all of our aluminum fences provide the beauty and protection of classic wrought iron without difficult installation or tiresome maintenance requirements. Choose from everyday to high-end fencing in a variety of widths that allow you to mix-and-match — creating the right fence style for your home.

Aluminum fence from The Vinyl Answer uses a patent-pending construction system that has interior locking pivots which grip each picket to the rails from the inside. This design eliminates the need for unsightly screws which often rust or break over time.

It also gives tremendous racking that allows our fence panels to run along even the steepest grades found in the Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia
tri-state area.

The color retention technology called SolarGuard helps maintain color from the inside out, regardless of exposure to the sun and elements.

All styles have matching curved top gates. Custom fence styles and even custom colors are available, as well as Commercial styles and Estate gates. When it comes to aluminum, The Vinyl Answer has you covered!

Aluminum Connection Cutaway

Our patent-pending construction system connects the pickets and rails from the inside, fortifying the core and building a fence that outperforms all other standard fencing.

Aluminum Fence yard diagram

A key to a beautiful fence is its ability to rack or flex and follow the natural slope of your yard. Our exclusive design allows our fencing to rack farther so that it can flex to angles that other standard fencing just can’t achieve.

Series 125 with optional circle detail

Series 125

Optional circle detail

Series 175

Series 175


  1. Solar Cap

    Solar Cap (black only)

  2. Standard Pyramid Cap

    Standard Pyramid Cap

  3. Optional Picket Caps Tri-Finial and Quad Finial

    Optional Picket Caps
    Tri-Finial & Quad Finial

  4. Ball Cap

    Ball Cap

  5. Lokk Latch

    Lokk Latch

  6. Lokk Latch Pro

    Lokk Latch Pro

  7. A Range of Gravity Latches for Every Situation

    All LokkLatches are made from materials that won’t rust and come with key-lockable convenience. All LokkLatches are both vertically and horizontally adjustable.

  8. Z Lokk Latch

    Z Lokk Latch

  9. Locking Security for Picket-Style Gates

    The stylish Z Lokk Lockable Magnetic Gate Lock with dual security lock cylinders is the ideal choice for picket-style security gates.

Magna Latch

D&D Technologies’ Magna-Latch prevents toddlers from reaching latches, helping in the prevention of childhood drowning. Available for aluminum, vinyl, wood, and chain link gates.

The World’s #1 Child Safety Gate Latch

Magna-Latch Safety Gate Latches are the original and still the best magnetic latches on the market. Designed specifically for securing gates around swimming pools, home yards and child care centers, they use patented magnetic technology and super-strong ‘Permanent Magnets’ to eliminate the possibility of mechanical jamming while closing.

Magna Latch Short

Magna-Latch Short

Magna Latch Full Size

Magna-Latch – Full-Size